Parade Guidelines

Parade Guidelines

  • Be respectful, have fun and be safe!

  • All participants are strongly encouraged to prominently display patriotic colors and decorations

  • This year due to health concerns and a longer route we will not be allowing walkers, this includes marching bands. All participants must be in a vehicle or on a float with the exception of preapproved equine groups.

  • Candy, water, or parade favors may NOT be handed out due to current health concerns. If you would like to contribute to swag bags instead please contact us before May 10, 2021


  • We encourage you to display a professional looking banner and or sign proudly identifying your group or organization

  • Any animals that are a part of the parade must be well trained and be safely controlled under parade conditions. You must provide your own sanitation helpers to follow your unit to clean up along the parade route as well as the staging area.

Safety Rules

  • One household per vehicle

  • Groups with floats must maintain social distancing with others not in the immediate household

  • No handing out things(not this year sorry)

  • Do not congregate outside your vehicles with other families before or after the parade

  • Be Sober operating a vehicle. Vehicles and drivers must be completely legal to participate.

  • Must remain legally inside a vehicle or on float during parade.

Participation rules

  • Decorate your ride in patriotic style

  • Arrive to staring location 10-15 minutes early

  • All vehicles must be street legal if they aren’t please state so in your application and contact the parade committee for approval

  • No more people than seats available in vehicle per vehicle, all participants must be legally inside their vehicle

  • No walking or any other activity outside a vehicle, exceptions may be made for equine groups

  • No passing out or throwing treats from your vehicle, we don’t want kids running into the street

  • Please keep political flags out of the parade, I respect your right to promote any political thing you want any time other than during the parade. This is a memorial commemoration, we can all honor our heroes without making political statements. If possible please remove any political flags from your vehicle(this does not apply to the American flag or andy military or first responder flags)

  • Must follow all traffic laws.

  • Must have your own liability insurance if you hit ANYTHING you are responsible not the city nor the organizer of this event

  • If you don’t live in the area please do not attend this year. We look forward to inviting other local communities next year.

  • Please RSVP on the by filling out our online application or turning a paper application into the chamber if you are planning on driving in the parade.

Observer rules

  • Please stay at your home if it’s along the parade route with only the members of your own household and follow all current state and local guidelines

  • If your home is not on the parade route and you wish to see it please only stick with your household group and maintain social distance guidelines

  • If possible sit in your car, parked legally, to observe if you don’t live on the parade route

  • Please keep children and pets near you at all times and do not allow anyone to run in to the street during the parade

  • If you don’t live in the area please do not attend this year. We don’t want crowds and covid risks. We look forward to inviting all communities next year.