Reedsport Memorial Parade

Welcome to the Reedsport Memorial Parade

The Reedsport Memorial Parade is held on Memorial Day weekend every year.

The purpose of Reedsport’s Memorial Weekend Parade is to honor the fallen of all the wars and all our veterans for their service to their country. We ask that all who observe and participate keep the sprit of honoring our fallen in mind during our event.

The theme of the 2021 parade was “A Salute in Remembrance.” We will be showcasing displays at local businesses and having more community involvement events leading up to this years parade.

The parade is designed to appeal to veterans and families throughout the area. All parade entrants are required to recognize and observe the parade’s purpose and theme. It is also our hope that the parade participants will enjoy showing their patriotism and their gratitude to the fallen soldiers and the Veterans of the United States Military.

War Memorial Service

A small ceremony will be held at the Hahn War Memorial at the end of the parade.


Check out the community events page for more info

This year we invite the public to participate in a mixed media art contest. We will display art entered around town and online. This contest will be open to all local residents. Adults this is your chance to participate in the same contest as your kids! Draw, paint, take a photo, make a video, craft a sculpture, the sky is the limit in what you can create just stick to our theme of Honoring our veterans and home front heroes. Get more info about the art contest including complete rules, entry forms, and links to submissions (HERE)

Do you have a hero that's special to you? Do you want to show your recognition with a star in a local businesses window? We want to honor all those we can this year so nominate a veteran or active duty military and we will display the stars of our town proudly. Have a special story about your hero? We may choose to showcase some extra special heroes with short videos or photos online. Get more info about nominating a hero including the entry form and links to all our heroes (HERE)

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