2022 Stars of Service

2021 Hero Stars

Gary Stine - At the age of 83, Gary continues to serve three days a week as a volunteer Corrections Officer and Court Bailiff with the Reedsport Police Department. He has served faithfully even throughout the Covid Pandemic.
Ken Line - Vietnam Veteran served as a combat medic for First Infantry Division, First Brigade, First Engineers. Delta Company. Tet Offensive in 1968, then served to 1969. Nickname 9f Boxie. Means Doctor in Vietnamese.
Capt. James Nehl - Reedsport class of 1993 graduate. Killed in action. End of Duty 11/09/2012
Amy Mast - US Air Force and RN at Bay Area Hospital. Served in the Air Force and continues to serve as a medical professional here on the Oregon Coast.
Melissa Koons - US Army
Joseph Foley - US Marines. 2 Tours Duty to Afgan, 3 overseas deployments to Japan, join the core right out of high school, out of Douglas county still active duty,
Laura Foley - US Navy. OEF and OIF Tours Duty
Dana Foley Jr - US Navy. Has had multi tours of duty overseas in Combat zones ground and ship tours duty Afghanistanastan. Still Active duty
Dana Foley - US Army - Served 4 tours in Nam
Jonny Corcoran - Military- U.S. Coast GuardRank- BM1, Surfman Jonny's surfman number is #529A Surfman is a coxswain authorized to drive surf boats in heavy surf... Surf boats are boats that are designed to operate under extreme weather and sea conditions.Jonny is also a volunteer fire fighter here in Reedsport, and helps coach a Reedsport Rookies baseball team. Jonny is a upstanding citizen and hero here in Reedsport.
Giovanni Torchie - US Navy
Thomas Castaneda - US Air Force
Warren D. Stafford II - US Navy
Trevor Standiford - US Navy - active duty
Darlene Dawson - US Army
Darcie Dawson - US Army
Jim Dawson - US Army
Earl Smiley - US Army
Robert Fullhart Jr. - US Air Force
Mike Welch - US Navy
Spencer Gardner - US Army
Bob Cline - Air Force
Joseph Demers - US Army
Scott Gardner - US Air Force
Steven Smoot - US Navy
Barry Petznick - LUH Paramedic