Community Events

This year we want to involve our community as much as possible in the weeks leading up to, during, and after the parade. We have created some fun ways to get involved in our Memorial Day Celebration. Read on to discover all the exciting things we have in store for this year. Click more info in each section to get all the details or to sign up for events.

Community Art Contest

This year we invite the public to participate in a mixed media art contest. We will display art entered around town and online. This contest will be open to all local residents. Adults this is your chance to participate in the same contest as your kids! Draw, paint, take a photo, make a video, craft a sculpture, the sky is the limit in what you can create just stick to our theme of Honoring our veterans and home front heroes. Get more info about the art contest including complete rules, entry forms, and links to submissions below

Nominate a Hero

Do you have a hero thats special to you? Do you want to show your recognition with a star in a local businesses window? We want to honor all those we can this year so nominate a veteran, actuve duty military, first responder, or healthcare worker and we will display the stars of our town proudly. Have a special story about your hero? We may choose to showcase some extra special heroes with short videos or photos online. Get more info about nominating a hero including the entry form and links to all our heroes below

Business Window Displays

This year we welcome all businesses to join in the event and either donate a store window to be decorated by our volunteers or to decorate a window or the storefront in a patriotic manner with a Memorial day theme. If you would like to get your business involved please call or email us.

We will display all the windows here in case community members are unable to see them in person. Some windows will have bits of trivia for our window trivia contest so make sure to pay attention.

We thank all our local businesses for their participation and support.

Video Events

This year we are excited to bring you the parade Live at Home! and other video based events to help keep those most at risk in our community still able to safely observe our parade and other local Memorial Day events. We feel this will greatly benefit the Veteran community we honor this holiday by making sure they are able to enjoy it even if they cannot leave home for the events.

Social Media

Check out our social media page for links to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. We will be keeping our social media updated regularly and you will even be able to watch the parade live on Facebook and YouTube!

Pintables and Activities

Check out our Pintables page for posters, coloring pages, activities, and decorations for Memorial Day