May 27-28 2018

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2018 Reedsport Memorial Weekend Celebration

Community members have all ready started planning for our 2018 Memorial Weekend events. The event has improved each year as we learn and adapt. The event features the same format as last year. Beginning with the Parade on May 27th, Sunday at 1:30 PM). Since the parade goes down the busy 101 Highway, Sunday works best and offers the least disruption of traffic during this busy weekend. The War Memorial Service following the Parade is located near the Parades terminus where parking and transportation back to the start of the Parade are available.

Near the parade start we will continue with a “Meet and Greet Veterans” (4- 5 PM) where we honor the service of area veterans. If you have a name of a veteran that has not been honor at this event, please notify me in the space provided below.

The Veterans Dinner (5:00-7:00 PM) is a sumptuous feast sponsored by the Presbyterian Church conveniently located next the site of the “Meet & Greet” Veterans are our guests. Contributions are graciously accepted from all others.

At 7 PM the Annual Patriotic Concert will be held next door at the Pacific Auditorium Amateur and professional musicians will present a varied program of traditional and modern patriotic music. This is a free event for all. Contributions are welcome to help cover expenses. We feature a conclusion that recognizes all the veterans attending as we play their service song.

The next meeting of the Memorial Weekend Committee is on Friday, June 1, 2018, noon at Rogue Valley Coffee Shop, 19th & Hwy 101. Review and Recap Events. All are welcome. We would love to hear from participants and spectators.

2018 Parade’s Winning Entries

Most Patriotic:

1st Lowell HS Vietnam Veterans
2nd McKenzie Farms

Best Community Spirit:

1st Leo’s Landscape
2nd Highland Elementary School

Most Creative:

1st Ellie’s Chainsaw Carving Art Gallery
2nd Scouts of Service Winston, Oregon

Memorial Weekend Committee: Jim Wells, Chair

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Have questions or comments about any part of the Memorial Weekend Celebration? If so, contact us by using the form to the right or call 541-999-9136

A Salute in Remembrance” to Captain James H. Neal KIA in Afghanistan October 9, 2012.


Can you help?

We need help from the community to keep the Memorial Weekend Celebration going with the high quality activities that we’ve been able to provide over the past 3 years. If you enjoy the Memorial Weekend Celebration and can spare a few hours over the next several months, we love to have you come to the next meeting of the Memorial Weekend Committee on Friday, June 1, 2018, noon at Rogue Valley Coffee Shop, 19th & Hwy 101. It’s time to do a recap and evaluation of this year’s event. All are welcome to come and comment.