May 27-28 2018

Thank you to this wonderful community who so proudly and generously supported the 2017 Memorial Weekend Parade and all of the other activities that honored our country’s fallen. The Parade was one of our largest and best, full of outstanding patriotic floats. The War Memorial Service featured Reedsport graduate of 1987, CSM Brian King. The Meet and Greet a Veteran, was very well received again this year. Local quilters honor many veterans with personal “Quilts of Honor.” The veterans’ dinner, and the patriotic concert were also very well attended. Photos of this year’s Memorial Celebration can be seen below. Check out our Facebook page “Reedsport Memorial Weekend Parade.”

The Next Meeting of the Reedsport Memorial Weekend is on Wednesday, January 17th, Noon at Leona’s Restaurant in the
Downtown Shopping Center

Prize Winners of Parade Floats

Most Patriotic:

First Prize: Boy Scouts of Winston, Oregon
Second Prize: Schooner Cafe

Community Spirit:

First Prize: Leo’s Landscaping
Second Prize: Coastal Properties

Most Unique:

First Prize: Umpqua Soil & Water District
Second Prize: McKenzie Farms

Memorial Weekend Committee: Jim Wells, Chair

Please click the image to see the parade route.

Please click here to download the Reedsport Memorial Weekend Parade Application

Have questions or comments about any part of the Memorial Weekend Celebration? If so, contact us by using the form to the right or call 541-271-2268

A Salute in Remembrance” to Captain James H. Neal KIA in Afghanistan October 9, 2012.

Can you help?

We need help from the community to keep the Memorial Weekend Celebration going with the high quality activities that we’ve been able to provide over the past 3 years. If you enjoy the Memorial Weekend Celebration and can spare a few hours over the next several months, we love to have you come to the next meeting of the Reedsport Memorial Weekend Committee will be held at Leona’s Restaurant at noon on Wednesday, January 17th. It’s time to do a recap and evaluation of this year’s event. All are welcome to come and comment.